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South America


Leaves of Inspiration 


Leaves of Inspiration is a place of reflection, stories, poetry, methods, interviews and photographs that invoke inner growth.

The objective is to inspire the reader to cultivate introspection, delight, creativity, self-discovery and beauty in daily life.

This initiative is lead by Lakshmi Devi, (Director of the New Future Society International NFS), and edited by Ishwara (Director of Communications of the NFS). 





Deva Zentrum


In the city of Würzburg, this Center offers personalized classes of yoga and meditation, study groups for reflection and inspiration, natural healing energy treatments and massage.

Its members actively participate in conferences and meetings to promote inner transformation.

The Directors of this center are Agni Gessner and Uma Gessner, who both received direct teachings with the Master Lakshmi Devi in South-America. 



Healing Center


In the city of Rockville, (Maryland), just thirty minutes from Washington, DC. can be found this center, that offers yoga classes and meditation; natural healing therapies; and conferences for inner growth.

It also has the endorsement of the American Yoga Alliance, and gives ongoing Yoga Teacher Training programs.

The center is lead by Savitri Bach and Chandra Cherrnay who received direct teachings from the Master Premananda Deva and continue their formation with the Master Lakshmi Devi.

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